Web design

Everything related to standards-oriented web design, including visual design, web design technologies (such as XHTML and CSS), web implementation and user agents.

The Drupal Song

As you may or may not be aware, the English Ministry Web Site runs on a Content Management System called Drupal.

Admittedly I am a Drupal fan, given its features and extendability. Apparently, there are other Drupal fans out there, too, but this may ...

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How to find our web site

Just out of curiosity, here are the 21 top phrases used in search engines to reach my church's English Ministry web site for May 2006. I've removed names due to privacy.

  1. chinese church prayer items
  2. [Missionary couple] thailand
  3. kyck
  4. [Preacher who pre...

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Four-day working week may improve productivity

A List Apart is a web design weblog to which I subscribe (and read occasionally). Normally the topics deal with web design (i.e. how to design a good, standards-compliant web page), or web design project management (i.e. how to deal with clients).


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10 best intranets of 2006

Jakob Nielsen recently published the ten best intranets of 2006. He noted that

This is the first year in which a majority of the winners hail from outside the United States, underlining the continued growth of good intranet design around the world.


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Weblog usability: The top ten design mistakes

Jakob Nielsen recently released an article on his Alertbox on the top ten design mistakes for weblog usability. Among the mistakes, and my self-assessment against this weblog, are:

  1. No author biographies (sort of guilty)
  2. No author photo (guilty)
  3. Nond...

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Rapid Web Development and Testing with Firefox

As an occasional dabbler in web design, one needs the necessary tools to do it quickly and do it well.

I develop in Mozilla Firefox, since it's generally standards-compliant, and generally less annoying than Internet Explorer.

This blog entry and acc...

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English Ministry web site theme updated

You've probably have noticed that the English Ministry web site has a slightly improved look and feel.

That's right. The Drupal theme (called "leaf") has been upgraded to version 2.0!


  • Converted most GIFs into PNGs or JPEGs, as re...

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The future of CSS

This is interesting for Windows users.

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