General items about technology, including hardware, software and miscellaneous gadgets not classified elsewhere.

cacls --- chmod for Windows

The following is a public service announcement.

There is an undocumented command in Microsoft Windows, cacls, which is basically the equivalent of chmod from Unix. It allows one to change the access control list for a file or a directory in Windows...

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I've upgraded my internet connection

DownStream Connection Speed 19437 kbps UpStream Connection Speed 1023 kbps


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This is slightly out of date, but registrations for the collaborative word-processing tool, Writely, are now open again.

Writely is basically a combination of an online word processor which also allows documents to be shared and edited by multiple...

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On the joys of not being contactable

Well not quite.

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the psychological isolation of those young people that do not have mobile phones.

Mobile phones are increasing being used as a mechanism of social networking rather than simple communication...

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Technology update

Just in case you did not know, I upgraded my monitor to a Samsung 730BF. It is 17 inch LCD monitor, with a 4 ms refresh rate.

Samsung 730BF

And I bought an Apple iPod nano for my brother’s birthday. He really liked it. Maybe you could buy him some accessories...

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Technology ranking

Rank the following items in decreasing order of usefulness:

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Palm releases Palm TX handheld

Palm recently released the Palm TX handheld.

What’s good? Wireless network connectivity (although the specifications do not say whether it supports WPA.

What’s bad? It still uses Palm OS 5. Why doesn’t it use Palm OS 6?

Just a thought. *[WPA...

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Three-part harmony for Microsoft?

Following from my previous entry, BusinessWeek now reports that Microsoft is undergoing a restructure.

In a memo to Microsoft staff, management announced that the previous seven divisions will be restructured to three: Platform Products and Services...

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My computer corrupted my USB memory key...

… which contained my assignment (due next Tuesday) and all my church stuff.


Thankfully, the following happened:

  • I conveniently kept a backup of my assignment on my work computer—meaning that I only lost two paragraphs;
  • It was a software...

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Microsoft's Midlife Crisis

From Forbes, an article on Microsoft’s Midlife Crisis. Alternatively, an article on how not to structure your business.

Structuring your business along major product lines is not a bad thing in itself, I’ve seen successful ones from my business....

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