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LaTeX style files for actuarial studies

Trawling through some of the old files on my hard drive, I have found some LaTeX style files and document classes which may be useful for actuarial students. These include:

  • actuarial.sty, which provides for symbols and other notation for actuarial...

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Don't use Microsoft Excel 2007 yet

There is currently a newsgroup post about a serious calculation error in Excel 2007.

The issue relates to certain formulae which should return 65535 when it doesn’t.

That’s why most companies don’t upgrade software so quickly they have released....

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SimpleID version 0.1 released

[Apologies to anyone who does not understand this post.]

I’ve released version 0.1 of SimpleID, a very simple OpenID provider written in PHP.

I am running an earlier version of SimpleID as my OpenID identity at

Send me bug reports...

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This site now runs on PHP 5

My friendly ISP, Quadra Hosting, moved this site from bsd1 to bsd13. This means that this web site now runs on PHP 5.

It is timely because version 7 of Drupal will no longer be compatible with PHP 4.

(I apologise for the lack of sense of the above...

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Physics problem

There appears to be a problem with the physics in the following video, allegedly from Wii Bowling.

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Social networking and identity fraud

I have recently been exploring the world of social networking through Facebook, one of the larger social networking sites on the Internet.

Apart from finding out that I know a lot more people than I originally envisaged, it was rather interesting...

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How to use PowerPoint properly

This post is related to one of my previous posts, Why PowerPoint is evil.

Firstly, a disclaimer. I am not an expert in giving presentations. I don’t think my words have a lot of authority in relation to this particular subject. There are better...

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More nerdiness for 2007---a new video card

Just to keep things moving along from my previous post on a new power supply, I got this the other day.

Gainward Bliss 7900 GS video card

It’s a Gainward Bliss 7900 GS video card. Apparently it’s a more powerful video card that is within my budget.


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I got a new power supply

To kickstart nerdiness for 2007, I would like to announce that I got a new power supply for my computer: an Antec TruePower 2.0.

Antec TruePower 2.0 430W

Why it’s better:

  • It delivers more power—430 watts versus the old 350 watts
  • It’s quieter—the only things I can...

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Choices, choices...

It’s that time again. My mobile phone contract is about to expire, which means I now have to decide whether to get a new phone or to keep my existing one. But since one of the button on my existing phone is less than optimal, it may appear I may...

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