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Excel tip: Analysis Toolpak

Did you know that the password to the VBA code in the Excel Analysis Toolpak (atpvbaen.xlam) is Wildebeest!!?

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Top tip: Kindle for Windows download failures

For a while I was having trouble with downloading newly bought books on the Kindle Windows desktop app. Every time I tried to download a book, a "Download Failed" message came back.

It turns out there is an issue with the Kindle app when us...

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Web fonts: traps for beginners

As part of the recent update to this blog's theme, a new set of webfonts was put in place. It took a bit of time to figure out a way for the webfonts to render properly in all browsers, so this note provides a set of pointers to resolve some traps fo...

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Responsive theme update

You may notice that the theme for this blog has been updated. Apart from a few minor cosmetic changes (new font, bigger size), the new theme is now responsive to mobile devices.

Have a look.

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Migration to OpenShift

One of the great things about cloud computing is vendor contestability. With a bit of effort, you can move from one vendor to another without the end user noticing.

About this time last year, the hosting of this blog was moved from a classic hosting ...

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Should I migrate from Yahoo! Mail?

I currently have an account with Yahoo! Mail for unimportant or spam-prone e-mails. I am wondering whether I should migrate this account to Gmail, where I already have an account, or even to the new

Interestingly, as an Australian user, ...

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Recovering files from a Lacie Ethernet Disk

Recently my LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini failed to switch off. A quick search around the Internet suggests that the power supply had to be replaced.

Now the appliance requires a special power supply which costs about $50 to replace. This is too expensive...

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Apple Store

As you may already know, the Apple Store in Sydney is opening soon, at 77 King Street.

Just to keep you up to date, here is what it looks like earlier this week:

77 King Street

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This costs $35

iPod USB Cable

This is how Apple makes its money. It looks like the packaging actually costs more than the cable itself.

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Don't give up on Vista

Given the well known lack of enthusiasm for Microsoft Windows Vista, typified by Dell's optional downgrade, Apple produced the following rather cheeky and ungenerous ad:

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