Methodological Madness

All about this weblog.

As I have promised...

As I have promised, I have from last time, I have moved:

  • to a new domain, although there is not much there at the moment

  • to a new server (naturally); and

  • a new blogging software, although not the one I had originally envisioned.


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Just to keep this up to date

As you are now aware, ever since I last posted more than six months ago, I've really been very busy.

The maxim is true: actuarial students have no life.

Nevertheless, I'm still thinking about paying for spaces so that I could run a one or more better...

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This is a test blog. This is a test blog entry.

First of all, this is a test blog. It is to see whether I am the sort of person who blogs regularly or not.

Of course, if I do, you will see a lot more messages here. Otherwise, this is one of the very few messages you will see.

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