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Web fonts: traps for beginners

As part of the recent update to this blog's theme, a new set of webfonts was put in place. It took a bit of time to figure out a way for the webfonts to render properly in all browsers, so this note provides a set of pointers to resolve some traps fo...

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Responsive theme update

You may notice that the theme for this blog has been updated. Apart from a few minor cosmetic changes (new font, bigger size), the new theme is now responsive to mobile devices.

Have a look.

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Wordpress hiccup

There was a brief hiccup over the past two days due to Markdown plugin not working after a Wordpress upgrade.

This has now been fixed.

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You will notice that hasn't been updated for a while. That's because I am currently downgrading the software used to run the site (Gallery2) to a custom-written photo gallery, which doesn't require a database.

The main reason for th...

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Slightly new look...

You may notice that I have updated the blog's look and feel slightly.

The original theme, also called Methodological Madness, was two years old and is beginning to look dated. The new theme, called Madness 2, is more modern and slightly more colourfu...

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This site now runs on PHP 5

My friendly ISP, Quadra Hosting, moved this site from bsd1 to bsd13. This means that this web site now runs on PHP 5.

It is timely because version 7 of Drupal will no longer be compatible with PHP 4.

(I apologise for the lack of sense of the above po...

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Yes, I realise that it has been a while (a bit more than a month, in fact) since I last posted. That's because I'm working on what is possibly an exciting new initiative at the Koinic Network.

Meanwhile, please be aware that my congregation is celebr...

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Upgrades galore

This week has been upgrade season.

Having just upgraded the church's English Ministry web site with Drupal 4.6.5, Methodological Madness has just been upgraded to Wordpress 2.0.

Drupal 4.6.5 is clearly better with the introduction of iCalendar suppor...

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How much is my blog worth?

The following is based on an analysis of the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

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I think I can release this now. So far it has photos of my last trip.

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