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Film review: McDull, the Alumni

McDull, the Alumni

Title McDull, the Alumni
Director Samson Chiu Leung-Chun
Producer Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Length 91 minutes
Year 2006
DVD Region 0 / NTSC / Dolby Digital 5.1 / DTS 5.1 / Cantonese, Mandarin audio / Traditional Chinese,...

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More on ministry: Motivations—where it really matters

This is the third of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

Ministry is very different from other forms of human activity. This is because the final measure of success is ultimately not based on what has been achieved or what has been d...

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More on ministry: Sustainability in Ministry

This is the second of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

During his ministry, the apostle Paul is particularly focussed on finishing, and finishing well. For example, to the Ephesian elders he said:

But I do not account my life of ...

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More on ministry: Jeremiah and Jonah

This is the first of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

Jeremiah and Jonah provide an interesting comparison and contract when thinking about ministry. Perhaps it is useful to express these in a table.

JeremiahJonah Background


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More on ministry

Sometimes things just pop up in one's mind. Sometimes it's even useful. That's what happened last week, while I was trying to get to sleep. I had to get up and write my thoughts down before I forget them again.

So what was I thinking?

Over the next f...

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On paradigm reversal in ministry

The title makes it slightly more complicated than it really sounds. What I am really saying here is that the paradigms to be used when looking at ministry is sometimes the exact opposite of looking at things in this world. I'll try to illustrate.

In ...

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Book review: The Future of Jesus

Future of Jesus

Title Boyer Lectures 2005: Future of Jesus
Author Peter F. Jensen
Pages 144
Publisher ABC Books
Year 2005
ISBN 0 7333 1749 9
Purchase ABC Shop or Booktopia

Yes, I know that the transcripts for the Boyer Lectures are available ...

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On the tempations of the Christian intellect

The other day, in my workplace Bible Study group, a Christian actuary made this very insightful comment. The comment was spurred from a reflection of the "scoffers" behaviour in 2 Peter 3:3-6.

One of the tempations for intellectual people i...

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Microsoft's Midlife Crisis

From Forbes, an article on Microsoft's Midlife Crisis. Alternatively, an article on how not to structure your business.

Structuring your business along major product lines is not a bad thing in itself, I've seen successful ones from my business. But ...

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On ministry

As a chronic worrier, I often find myself losing perspective on what I am actually doing, or how I am actually going. The paragraphs below are mainly written for my benefit. It may benefit you too.

One of the remarkable things about ministry of the W...

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