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What's worse than rotting in hell?

What's worse than rotting in hell? Well, in hell, but not rotting.

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Choosing songs

Our congregation has an "unofficial" policy of vetting the lyrics of songs before admitting them for use in services. In general, we look at almost every song, regardless of source, and assess each on its own merits. I thought it would be u...

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Godly example of suffering

Here is a godly example of how to deal with suffering (Warning: 165 MB video file).

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On ministry platforms

For some reason, whenever I talk to people about ministry, the discussion often ventures into "ministry platforms". I think I have been saying the same thing enough times for me put it down in writing, so that hopefully I don't have to repe...

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Fascinating (reported) conversion

There are media reports that Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founding member of Hamas, has become a Christian. While we would need to take news with a grain of salt, as secular media are not known to be accurate reporters of one's spiritual conditi...

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Local area gospel partnerships

Much has been made about gospel partnerships which reach out to a specific group of people. In these gospel partnerships, we have people from many different local churches gather together for a common cause---to proclaim the gospel to this particular...

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Financing physical ministry infrastructure

As Andrew Hong noted a few months back, developers of new residential developments in the outer suburbs of major cities don't have much room for church buildings. There simply isn't sufficient financial incentive for developers or local planners to p...

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Hyperbolic discounting and eschatological myopia

The title of this article may sound scary, but hopefully it's not that so.

One of the many discoveries from the field of behavioural economics is the concept of hyperbolic discounting. Hyperbolic discounting occurs when someone chooses a smaller payo...

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Commanding all people everywhere to repent

Over the last few days I have been fascinated by the following passage in Acts (emphasis added):

Being then God's offspring, we ought not to think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and imagination of m...

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Demographic changes and the shape of (lay) ministry

Recently at the 2007 Biennial Convention of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, there was a fascinating paper presented on the changing nature of the workforce. The paper, titled It's time to abolish retirement (and here's how to do it), looks a...

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