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Comparing mobile phone plans

I’ve been thinking about whether I should get a new phone. Part of this is thinking about whether I should purchase the phone upright and connect to a SIM-only plan, or whether I should join a fixed term contract.

I’ve put together a spreadsheet

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Annuities ALM---A practical approach

As indicated before, I gave a presentation at the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Financial Services Forum earlier this week. While waiting for the official website to update with the presentation, the slides are available from Methodological...

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Financial Services Forum - Innovation in Financial Markets

Just in case you didn’t know, I will be speaking at the 4th Financial Services Forum, hosted by the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, in May this year. My co-presenter and I will be speaking on Annuities ALM—A Practical Approach.

You will find...

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LaTeX style files for actuarial studies

Trawling through some of the old files on my hard drive, I have found some LaTeX style files and document classes which may be useful for actuarial students. These include:

  • actuarial.sty, which provides for symbols and other notation for actuarial...

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The Fallacy of Hard Tests

The Unexpected Truths blog has a recent article about the fallacy of hard tests, or more particularly, the fallacy of hard multiple-choice examinations.

That’s why the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s exams are never multiple choice.

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Community Service Announcement

With the results from the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Part III examinations out in about four weeks, may I remind everyone of the following unwritten etiquette:

It is not courteous to ask a student of his or her examination result. It is...

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How to pass actuarial exams

As someone who has recently passed all my actuarial exams, as well as a member of the faculty of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, may I offer a few random, quick tips about how to pass actuarial exams.

  • Know the environment. You should...

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Yes, I am an actuary

For those who don’t know, the title is a play-on from the favourite phrase for actuarial students. When referred to as “actuaries”, they say “No, I am not an actuary”. This is because the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s practice of only allowing...

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End of an era?

This will be my last post as an non-actuary. Next Monday, I will be attending the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Professionalism Course, followed by the Presidential Dinner. Apparently, they give out Fellowship Certificates during that event...

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I passed (again)

29 candidates enrolled in this course. 8 candidates passed overall. Pass rate 27.6%.

There was a rumour that originally only 5 passed, making the pass rate 17%.

Double woot! I think this means that I will be an FIAA very soon. *[FIAA]: Fellow...

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