Making coffee with Aeropress

For the record, here’s my recipe for making coffee with an Aeropress using the inverted method.

  1. Set up Aeropress upside down. The plunger should be set at approximately (number of cups + 1), to leave a bit of working room.
  2. Place a filter inside the cap. Leave the cap aside.
  3. Add coffee into the chamber. Use approximately 14 g (= 1 Aeropress scoop or 2 plunger scoops) of fine-medium grind coffee per cup
  4. Add water (90 °C - not boiling) water slowly , so that coffee does not burn. The amount of water for each cup is a little over the distance between two marks on the chamber. For example, for 1 cup with the plunger set at the middle of [2], fill to a little over [1].
  5. Stir with paddle to mix and remove lumps. Twist the cap onto the chamber.
  6. Brew for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Put cup or jug on top of cap and invert quickly.
  8. Press plunger with steady force. The chamber will hiss as air is released. Continue pushing until hissing stops. This will take about 10 seconds for a single cup, longer for more cups. Hopefully there should be a very small amount of crema in the cup.
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