Local area gospel partnerships

Much has been made about gospel partnerships which reach out to a specific group of people. In these gospel partnerships, we have people from many different local churches gather together for a common cause---to proclaim the gospel to this particular group. This allows them to tailor the way the gospel is delivered to suit this group of people.

In Sydney we have a number of these which God, in his kindness, has used to draw people to himself. In this category I think of things (among many) like RICE, various university ministries and City Bible Forum.

But what about gospel partnerships in the local area? Can we transfer the lessons we have learnt in these gospel partnerships to the local area? How about local churches within an area getting together to reach out to the people of that area?

This is not a particularly new or novel idea. This is happening in many areas already. But is it something of which we can do more? What do you think?

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