May 2008

I will derive

One could not think that derivatives can be so cheesy, or fun:

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Random observations

Here are a few random observations I picked while in Melbourne for the Financial Services Forum:

  • Interestingly, the Melbourne Storm was on my flight to Melbourne on Sunday.

  • I find the gate lounge at SYD T3 more comfortable and inviting...

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Annuities ALM---A practical approach

As indicated before, I gave a presentation at the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Financial Services Forum earlier this week. While waiting for the official website to update with the presentation, the slides are available from Methodological...

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Apple Store

As you may already know, the Apple Store in Sydney is opening soon, at 77 King Street.

Just to keep you up to date, here is what it looks like earlier this week:

77 King Street

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Where to eat in Melbourne?

As indicated in an entry, I’m heading off to Melbourne in two weeks’ time for the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Financial Services Forum.

Now I will be spending Sunday night in the Melbourne CBD, so I am wondering:

  • where I should go for...

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