This post conclusively shows that I am crazy.

I was going home after working relatively late one night, and I felt a little bit peckish. Thankfully the newsagent is still open, and so shunning the unhealthy chocolate bars, I went for something healthier, a "Nut Delight" bar from So Natural:

So Natural Nut Delight

The wrapping looks enticing, with all the right words---natural, high in fibre, etc. But I was curious regarding the nut and honey content:

85% nuts & honey

Where did that 15% go?

That prompted me to turn to the other side. Sadly the wrapper is a bit fiddly so it is difficult to get a good shot.

Back of wrapper

You probably don't want to know what's in the other 15%.

But more curiously, there is an ominous warning, clearly directed to allergy sufferers, that the product may contain peanuts, other nuts, seasame seeds and other seeds. But it's a nut bar!

May be I'm nuts.

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