December 2007

Demographic changes and the shape of (lay) ministry

Recently at the 2007 Biennial Convention of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, there was a fascinating paper presented on the changing nature of the workforce. The paper, titled It’s time to abolish retirement (and here’s how to do it), looks...

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This costs $35

iPod USB Cable

This is how Apple makes its money. It looks like the packaging actually costs more than the cable itself.

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In response to a question, here is a random selection of music purchases:

  1. Light Surrounding You, Evermore
  2. Gravity, John Mayer
  3. Teardrop, Massive Attack
  4. 20 Good Reasons, Thirsty Merc
  5. Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol
  6. The Kill, 30 Seconds to Mars

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