October 2007

Engage Conference

I got back from Engage Conference a few days ago, but as I’m about to have a shockingly busy November, it’s unlikely that I will be able to post much.

If you happen to have the right permissions from me on Facebook, you can see assorted photos in...

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Fallacy of the $10 saving

You may have noticed outdoor advertising recently from a major furniture retailer promoting they have reduced the prices for some of their products, directly as a result of reductions in their costs. It’s something to the effect of, “Since our costs...

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Anglican vs Independent

A series of, well, “wacky” skits about the difference between Anglican candidates and independent candidates at Moore Theological College. You may find a striking resemblence between these and a recent advertising campaign for a computer company.

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photos.koinic.net is getting an downgrade

You will notice that photos.koinic.net hasn’t been updated for a while. That’s because I am currently downgrading the software used to run the site (Gallery2) to a custom-written photo gallery, which doesn’t require a database.

The main reason for...

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Why chocolate is good for you

People may describe me as one who likes chocolate. It turns out that eating chocolate appears to have mental health benefits.

The research by the Black Dog Institute that people who posess personality style associated with depression (e.g. anxious...

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