September 2007

Slightly new look...

You may notice that I have updated the blog’s look and feel slightly.

The original theme, also called Methodological Madness, was two years old and is beginning to look dated. The new theme, called Madness 2, is more modern and slightly more colourful...

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Don't use Microsoft Excel 2007 yet

There is currently a newsgroup post about a serious calculation error in Excel 2007.

The issue relates to certain formulae which should return 65535 when it doesn’t.

That’s why most companies don’t upgrade software so quickly they have released....

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Theology and atheism in practice

In John Anderson’s valedictory speech to Parliament this week on the relationship between what people believe and what they will end up doing in the world. It sort of ties up with what I have noted earlier, though from a slightly different perspective...

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You know you are Asian when...

More than 20% of your Facebook friends’ surnames start with the letters W to Z.

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Random things to learn

Here are some random things that I have to learn:

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