July 2007

Research topic: Evangelisation of indigenous populations in Australia and New Zealand

I am a perpetually curious person. I want to know things, but sometimes I simply do not have the time to find out. And thus Research topics was begotten.

The central question in this research topic is: Why did the missionary work among the indigenous...

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Popular economics

If you have been following the news, you probably have heard of various political parties announcing enquiries into petrol prices and grocery prices. While clearly it would be interesting to see what (if anything) transpires out of these enquiries...

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This site now runs on PHP 5

My friendly ISP, Quadra Hosting, moved this site from bsd1 to bsd13. This means that this web site now runs on PHP 5.

It is timely because version 7 of Drupal will no longer be compatible with PHP 4.

(I apologise for the lack of sense of the above...

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