June 2007

The Fallacy of Hard Tests

The Unexpected Truths blog has a recent article about the fallacy of hard tests, or more particularly, the fallacy of hard multiple-choice examinations.

That’s why the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s exams are never multiple choice.

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Physics problem

There appears to be a problem with the physics in the following video, allegedly from Wii Bowling.

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This one is for the camera freaks

In case you are interested, after 32 years of trading, G&V; Imaging is closing down, and are having a clearance sale.

It’s at the corner of George and King Streets, Sydney.

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Book Review: Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton: A Handbook for Ministry Apprenticeship

Title Passing the Baton: A Handbook for Ministry Apprenticeship
Author Colin Marshall
Pages 120
Publisher Matthias Media
Year 2006
ISBN 978 1 921068 79 9
Purchase Matthias Media or Moore Books

There are times when you are...

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Watch out, cars about

Seen on platform 6 at Town Hall station.

Watch out, cars about

All the dots in the map on the left hand side show where pedestrian accidents have occurred between 2001 and 2005. It reminds people to be careful when crossing the roads around the railway station.


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Social networking and identity fraud

I have recently been exploring the world of social networking through Facebook, one of the larger social networking sites on the Internet.

Apart from finding out that I know a lot more people than I originally envisaged, it was rather interesting...

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