May 2007

Can we teach biblical theology in children's Sunday School?

Andrew Hong argued in his recent blog entry that we could and should teach proper biblical theology to children. Although teaching biblical theology involves teaching abstract concepts, he argued that the Scriptures already provides concrete illustrations...

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Community Service Announcement

With the results from the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s Part III examinations out in about four weeks, may I remind everyone of the following unwritten etiquette:

It is not courteous to ask a student of his or her examination result. It is...

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Oddly enough, I can imagine myself contributing to this particular conversation.

Sadly, actuaries tend to have less interesting conversations than this one.

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Yes, I realise that it has been a while (a bit more than a month, in fact) since I last posted. That’s because I’m working on what is possibly an exciting new initiative at the Koinic Network.

Meanwhile, please be aware that my congregation is celebrating...

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