June 2006

More on ministry: Motivations—where it really matters

This is the third of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

Ministry is very different from other forms of human activity. This is because the final measure of success is ultimately not based on what has been achieved or what has been...

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The Ö

The University of Exeter’s beginners’ German course provides:

The German long Ö and short Ö are two of the hardest sounds for the English speaker to master, as there are no direct equivalents in the English language.

Perhaps that’s why over...

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Sport and climate

I know this is late, but I did not have much time.

Last month, Prime Minister John Howard addressed the Canadian Parliament. In his speech, he made a particularly interesting remark:

We have much in common but not as much to do with each other...

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More on ministry: Sustainability in Ministry

This is the second of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

During his ministry, the apostle Paul is particularly focussed on finishing, and finishing well. For example, to the Ephesian elders he said:

But I do not account my life...

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