How to find our web site

Just out of curiosity, here are the 21 top phrases used in search engines to reach my church's English Ministry web site for May 2006. I've removed names due to privacy.

  1. chinese church prayer items
  2. [Missionary couple] thailand
  3. kyck
  4. [Preacher who preaches regularly at the English service]
  5. equip women
  6. metrogaine 2006
  7. [Member of my congregation]
  8. uniting church oxford st epping
  9. kyck 2006 photos
  10. kyck 06
  11. chinese church services marsfield
  12. photos from kyck 06
  13. chinese church in brisbane
  14. chinese alliance churches brisbane
  15. equip women 2006
  16. kyck 2006
  17. equip christian 27 may
  18. men s conference train evangelical
  19. [Speaker at m28]
  20. kyck was good
  21. southside international church

Certainly KYCK was popular.

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