Four-day working week may improve productivity

A List Apart is a web design weblog to which I subscribe (and read occasionally). Normally the topics deal with web design (i.e. how to design a good, standards-compliant web page), or web design project management (i.e. how to deal with clients).

So I'm more than a little curious to see this particular article about productivity improvements with a four-day working week. A few quotes, and you'll get the idea:

There will always be more to do. Working more won’t change that. In fact, working more is actually counter-productive. [...] The problem wasn’t a time issue, it was a mental issue. I knew I had a whole week to finish my work, so I spread it out over five (or seven!) days. If I knew I only had four days to finish a whole week of work, it would’ve motivated me to get things done more efficiently.

Working efficiently increases productivity.

Now if we can all do that.

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