May 2006

More on ministry: Jeremiah and Jonah

This is the first of about three articles in the More on ministry series.

Jeremiah and Jonah provide an interesting comparison and contract when thinking about ministry. Perhaps it is useful to express these in a table.

JeremiahJonah Background...

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How to find our web site

Just out of curiosity, here are the 21 top phrases used in search engines to reach my church’s English Ministry web site for May 2006. I’ve removed names due to privacy.

  1. chinese church prayer items
  2. [Missionary couple] thailand
  3. kyck
  4. [Preacher...

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More on ministry

Sometimes things just pop up in one’s mind. Sometimes it’s even useful. That’s what happened last week, while I was trying to get to sleep. I had to get up and write my thoughts down before I forget them again.

So what was I thinking?

Over the...

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Four-day working week may improve productivity

A List Apart is a web design weblog to which I subscribe (and read occasionally). Normally the topics deal with web design (i.e. how to design a good, standards-compliant web page), or web design project management (i.e. how to deal with clients)...

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Old Testament macroeconomics

The Sydney Morning Herald recently ran a column from its Economics Editor, Ross Gittens, about the virtues of the economic system stipulated by the Old Testament. The article was largely based on a (rather old) Cambridge Paper, The Divine Economy

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