March 2006

On the joys of not being contactable

Well not quite.

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the psychological isolation of those young people that do not have mobile phones.

Mobile phones are increasing being used as a mechanism of social networking rather than simple communication...

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University ministry and voluntary student unionism

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald there was a feature article on various religious groups at the University of Sydney. Of particular interest to the article, of course, is the largest of those groups, the Sydney University Evangelical Union. And here...

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Be a man; do the right thing

As you may or may not be aware, I went to Men’s Katoomba Convention over the last weekend. Being previously in the Youth Convention group, it was my first time. I will post photos when I get around to sorting them.

There appears to be a number of...

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Yes, I am an actuary

For those who don’t know, the title is a play-on from the favourite phrase for actuarial students. When referred to as “actuaries”, they say “No, I am not an actuary”. This is because the Institute of Actuaries of Australia’s practice of only allowing...

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