January 2006

Technology update

Just in case you did not know, I upgraded my monitor to a Samsung 730BF. It is 17 inch LCD monitor, with a 4 ms refresh rate.

Samsung 730BF

And I bought an Apple iPod nano for my brother’s birthday. He really liked it. Maybe you could buy him some accessories...

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10 best intranets of 2006

Jakob Nielsen recently published the ten best intranets of 2006. He noted that

This is the first year in which a majority of the winners hail from outside the United States, underlining the continued growth of good intranet design around the world...

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Apostrophe Man

As you may or may not be aware, I am an “apostrophe man”. Given the recent coverage of the usage of “its” and “it’s” in Column 8, I must admit that this particular mistake is one that annoys me most.

My other gripe is the confusion between the two...

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Find a hobby

Now that I have had my actuarial exams over and done with, not a few people have been pressing me to “find a hobby”. Hobbies like photography, cooking—something to do now that I (allegedly) have so much free time.

Although a lot of the time I still...

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The draft and the gospel

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today of a proposal from NSW Young Labor to reintroduce national (community) service for graduating high school students. The group’s president, Sam Dastyari, particularly noted:

The community service could take...

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