December 2005

Upgrades galore

This week has been upgrade season.

Having just upgraded the church’s English Ministry web site with Drupal 4.6.5, Methodological Madness has just been upgraded to Wordpress 2.0.

Drupal 4.6.5 is clearly better with the introduction of iCalendar support...

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Not quite an exam dare

It all started with this. More than 30 e-mails later, it’s still going.

Here are some of the highlights along the way:

Here is, hopefully, my (almost) last word.

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I passed (again)

29 candidates enrolled in this course. 8 candidates passed overall. Pass rate 27.6%.

There was a rumour that originally only 5 passed, making the pass rate 17%.

Double woot! I think this means that I will be an FIAA very soon. *[FIAA]: Fellow...

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Book review: The Future of Jesus

Future of Jesus

Title Boyer Lectures 2005: Future of Jesus
Author Peter F. Jensen
Pages 144
Publisher ABC Books
Year 2005
ISBN 0 7333 1749 9
Purchase ABC Shop or Booktopia

Yes, I know that the transcripts for the Boyer Lectures are available...

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Timing is everything

Today sees the release of the January 2006 edition of the the(sydney)magazine, which is sort of the luxury magazine of the Sydney Morning Herald.

One of the main features this month is Hidden Treasures, where the author unveils 10 of Sydney’s most...

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Back to school?

The following was spotted on the doorfront of the Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski store on Pitt Street Mall on 9 December 2005.

Back to school?

It’s a bit cruel to have a “back to school” sale when the school term has not even finished yet.

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New church building

As you would be aware, the new building for my Church was officially opened on Sunday. For those who, for various reasons, have not yet seen the building, I have a brief photo album. Some highlights below.



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Temptation management

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Matthew 6:13

It’s sometimes amazing how God arranges things to achieve that. It may not necessarily be via the most “elegant” ways that God delivers people from temptation or evil, but...

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