Asian success stories sweep our schools

The Sydney Morning Herald had a front page story today about the proportion of students from non-English speaking background (particularly Chinese) in selective schools.

It provided an interesting case study on what is generally accepted as the best selective school in New South Wales, James Ruse Agricultural High School. The articles reported that approximately 90% of the school student population are from a non-English-speaking background, with a predominance in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean language groups.

It's quite true. Some of my friends who happen to be Ruse alumni find great enjoyment in playing the "spot the non-Asian" game in recent school photographs.

Nevertheless, here is one bizzare section (under Herald's standards) in the article (emphasis added):

However, the teenagers do not fit the stereotype of all work and no play. More than 100 students are in the school's army cadet unit, many are musicians and one of the most popular groups is the Christian fellowship.


And when the Christian group holds meetings "about a quarter of the school" attends, even though many students are not religious.

"They are interested in the philosophy," he [Greg Wearne, acting principal] said.

Combining all of these, I would note that only time will tell how God is using the James Ruse ISCF for the evanglisation of the Chinese (and other Asians) in Australia. *[ISCF]: Inter-school Christian Fellowship

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