Weblog usability: The top ten design mistakes

Jakob Nielsen recently released an article on his Alertbox on the top ten design mistakes for weblog usability. Among the mistakes, and my self-assessment against this weblog, are:

  1. No author biographies (sort of guilty)
  2. No author photo (guilty)
  3. Nondescript posting titles (not guilty!)
  4. Links don't say where they go (not guilty!)
  5. Classic hits are buried (not guilty!)
  6. The calendar is the only navigation (not guilty! use categories)
  7. Irregular publishing frequency (guilty)
  8. Mixing topics (guilty)
  9. Forgetting that you write for your future boss (not guilty!)
  10. Having a domain name owned by a weblog Service (not guilty!)

4 mistakes out of 10. Not too bad. How does yours rate?

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