September 2005

Three-part harmony for Microsoft?

Following from my previous entry, BusinessWeek now reports that Microsoft is undergoing a restructure.

In a memo to Microsoft staff, management announced that the previous seven divisions will be restructured to three: Platform Products and Services...

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My computer corrupted my USB memory key...

… which contained my assignment (due next Tuesday) and all my church stuff.


Thankfully, the following happened:

  • I conveniently kept a backup of my assignment on my work computer—meaning that I only lost two paragraphs;
  • It was a software...

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On the tempations of the Christian intellect

The other day, in my workplace Bible Study group, a Christian actuary made this very insightful comment. The comment was spurred from a reflection of the “scoffers” behaviour in 2 Peter 3:3-6.

One of the tempations for intellectual people is cynicism...

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Microsoft's Midlife Crisis

From Forbes, an article on Microsoft’s Midlife Crisis. Alternatively, an article on how not to structure your business.

Structuring your business along major product lines is not a bad thing in itself, I’ve seen successful ones from my business....

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Rapid Web Development and Testing with Firefox

As an occasional dabbler in web design, one needs the necessary tools to do it quickly and do it well.

I develop in Mozilla Firefox, since it’s generally standards-compliant, and generally less annoying than Internet Explorer.

This blog entry and...

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Apostle Paul really didn't care what he thought of himself

Via Couldn’t Help Noticing, this is an interesting insight into 1 Corinthians 4 and what that tells us about Paul.

A quote: > By contrast, the apostle Paul’s self-esteem was so high that he didn’t care what anyone thought of him. … he didn’t even...

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