August 2005

Excellent photographs of Matt and Betty's engagement

Matt and Betty’s photogrpaher is really, really good.

It’s uber!

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Money or a life, the choice was yours

Ross Gittens, economics editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote an interesting article the other day: Money or a life, the choice was yours. You should read it while it’s still free.

A quote:

I doubt if there is anyone in the world who would...

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Matt and Betty asked for a PSP on their wedding registry. CNET Australia has a review and comparison against the Nintendo DS.

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I believe in expository preaching

An interesting trilogy of articles concerning the centrality of expository preaching in Christian worship, from Albert Mohler:

  • Part 1. Expository preaching is central in Christian worship.
  • Part 2. What is expository preaching?
  • Part 3. Three...

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It is freezing today

While the temperature is not that bad, the wind chill factor is.

> > > Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology > New South Wales > METROPOLITAN FORECAST > Issued at 8:30am on Thursday the 11th of August 2005 > ...

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On ministry

As a chronic worrier, I often find myself losing perspective on what I am actually doing, or how I am actually going. The paragraphs below are mainly written for my benefit. It may benefit you too.

One of the remarkable things about ministry of...

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