July 2005

Which theologian are you?

You scored as John Calvin.

Much of what is now called Calvinism had more to do with his followers than Calvin himself, and so you may or may not be committed to TULIP, though God’s sovereignty is all important.

John Calvin

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I think I can release this now. So far it has photos of my last trip.

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Holiday Fun Time!

In case you didn’t know, I had a roadtrip up to the Copacabana over the weekend with some of my Church friends. I have some photos which I will post as soon as a find a reasonable lightweight gallery script.

I fell off the porch in front of the

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Drew and Nadine's wedding

Being busy and lazy, I am posting a compilation of posts:

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Google Maps

The recent expansion of Google Maps means that many people around the world (especially non-Americans) can now get satellite images of their locations.

I am one of them. This image shows both our church locations, plus where I live.

Can you spot...

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Ruin probabilities with dependent claims

For those who are interested, I have uploaded my BCom (Hons) thesis.

UPDATE 16 August 2005: I’ve got the PDF of the final version. *[BCom (Hons)]: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

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Margin on Services

As you are now aware, I am currently studying for Life Insurance Part B. This second half of the life insurance specialisation deals with liability valuations, profit, capital, appraisal value and professionalism.

I am currently doing profit reporting...

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Why PowerPoint is evil

One of the joys of working in the financial services industry is the regular magazines that appear in the Australian Financial Review. AFR BOSS, the monthly magazine that deals with management, often contains very insightful articles.

In The Phluff...

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Here we go again...

Hot on the heels of recent good news, I’ve just received the course notes for Life Insurance Part B.

Here we go again. It would be interesting how starting to study again will affect the frequency of posts to this web site, as compared to the past...

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Further analysis of actuarial results

Following from my previous post, I provide a further look at the results from the actuarial exams.

The pass rates from each of the subjects are as follows:

  • Investments: 24%
  • Life Insurance Part A (my subject): 23%
  • Life Insurance Part B: 48...

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